Management | Citronex

Over 20 years of work and experience has shown us that creation of a successful company operating in numerous branches is based, most of all, on trust, stability and consistency in professional management and leadership.

From the very beginning, the construction company was created based on family values and commitment of four people who, thanks to their leadership, operations and creativity, are still opening successive doors to further development and success of the company.

Artur Toronowski - founder and owner of Citronex Group, handles the current management of the company and its general development.

Barbara Zarzecka - co-founder of Citronex Group, manages and is responsible for the financial division of all companies Citronex Group consists of.

Rafał Zarzecki - manages the main branches of the group: banana import and logistics; production and distribution of tomatoes and other vegetables and fruit.

Robert Zarzecki - manages the transport and freight forwarding branch; TIR washes and service stations; hotel and restaurant development, fuel stations and supermarkets.

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