Polskie Pomidory | Citronex

In 2011 Citronex Group invested in purchase of the first lands for construction of the state-of- the-art, not only in Poland but also in Europe, greenhouse for tomato growing. In 2013, right by the Polish-German border crossing, we commenced construction of a greenhouse complex for annual growing tomatoes near Bogatynia.

The great investment will be realized near the Turów power plant in Bogatynia. Initially, 10 hectares of land will be developed. In the subsequent year, the greenhouses will cover 20 hectares and then - 30 and 40 hectares. Ultimately, approximately 100 hectares will be built-up under glass. It is no accident that the investment is realized in this location.

This is the Turów power plant that is to provide the greenhouse with heat and carbon dioxide, which are indispensable for plants to grow and ripen. The investment will cost over 200 m. Euro and provide employment for 1,000 people. It will allow vegetable growing all year round and it will make it possible to harvest 100 kg of tomatoes from one square metre per year. In 2014 we will commence production with the use of the first 10 hectares of the greenhouse. Completion of the investment is planned for 2015.