Fleet | Citronex

Citronex fleet consists of modern and eco-friendly tractors and specialist semi-trailers enabling fast and safe transport. The broad scope of services we offer places us among the leading European companies.

We have the most eco-friendly fleet in Poland. Scania tractors of the newest generation, with combustion emission standard EURO 5 and EURO 6 guarantee the lowest degree of environmental pollution, which results in the fact that our fleet can freely move on the roads all over Europe.

We have a fleet consisting of over 300 sets, from which 250 is adjusted to transport loads in full temperature scope (-27ºC do 29ºC). Refrigerated semi-trailers are equipped with a remote temperature control system for the transported load. The fleet is supplemented with canvas cover semi-trailers adjusted transport various types of loads without the necessity to maintain a constant temperature.

We have equipped our vehicles with intelligent GPS Transics system which enables a constant contact with the driver, control of the current fleet and load location. 24-hour care guarantees that each load we are entrusted with will reach the recipient safely and on time. Combined with experienced staff, we can tackle the greatest challenges.